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    You deserve to look your best, from belly to butt, and with Damn Girl Body Contour, there’s nothing stopping you! We use non-invasive techniques to provide body enhancements to your butt and more!
    Using the latest technologies and medical practices, we can provide you with fat reductions and facials that leave you looking stunning.
    Damn Girl Body Contour is ready to get you bikini ready in North Las Vegas, NV, right off the strip so that you can rock any and every mid-riff-showing top, bathing suit, and dress. Come and visit our spa today.
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Our Services

Non surgical butt lift
Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Achieve your dream butt with our non-surgical butt lift. As one of our non-invasive body enhancements, you can enjoy a Brazilian dream butt lift without worrying about needles or worse.

Laser lipo
Laser Lipo

Eliminate unwanted pockets of fat with our laser lipo and cellulite treatment procedures. We help you lose the weight you never wanted so that your body can look fabulous in a swimsuit.

Body contouring
Body Contouring

Damn, girl! Your vivacious figure will draw all the attention after some body contouring at Damn Girl Body Contour in Las Vegas, NV, right off the strip. Enjoy butt enhancements and more.

Detox sauna
Detox Sauna

Not only does a detox sauna wrap eliminate water weight, it also helps you sweat away dead skin cells, dirt, and more from your pores, leaving you feeling fresh.

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Destiny has a great personality and explained every step of the way. Music and atmosphere was nice and relaxing. More important my results were amazing

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Destiny is AMAZING. She is great at accommodating what I need to have done, and the business is clean with awesome music and a relaxed atmosphere. I received this beautiful goody bag from Destiny and her assistant (her lovely son) and was almost brought to tears! They knew I was having an awful day but they both turned it around with their kindness and generosity, in addition to the fantastic BBL and sauna wrap. (It should be said that some procedures cant be done when you are on your cycle because the results arent optimal, which I learned today!) Definitely go support this fantastic women-owned business and great mother! She has my business.

star star star star star

Courtney Williams recommends DAMNN GIRL Body Contour.

I absolutely loved the ambiance!! I felt so Comfortable and Destiny walked me through the entire process. I cant wait to see more of my results???

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